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Client Testimonials

At Hartley & McGehee, our firm’s Mission Statement provides, in part, that: “We exist to bring understanding, stability, and resolution in the difficult time surrounding divorce and child custody proceedings. We accomplish these objectives in a timely manner by applying thorough legal analysis and exceptional strategic planning to each client matter. Continuous communication with our clients throughout the legal process develops trust while helping to reduce anxiety. We operate with integrity guided by this mission and our operating values, to optimize performance.”

At Hartley & McGehee, our most important goal is to take care of our clients’ needs no matter what the issues in the case are. At the conclusion of a case, we ask our clients to complete and return a “Client Satisfaction Survey” so we can evaluate our representation and improve our services.

We are very proud that our clients consistently give us the highest ratings possible in the above-listed areas of client satisfaction. Here are some additional comments from our clients:

The attorneys helped me more than I could imagine. They tried to understand with all their heart to resolve my questions. I was really surprised that there are such wonderful, warm-hearted attorneys here in Hawaii. I would like to strongly recommend them to my friends or someone who seeks legal help.


Things turned out for the better. The work they did was good and very professional.


From the first call to the last, EVERYONE was great. Professional, kind, and empathetic.


Always responded to my questions quickly; were always courteous and professional.

Responses came quickly and everyone was pleasant.

Everyone was polite and supportive.


Communication was excellent! My questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. ... I usually heard from my attorneys immediately about all aspects/issues. ... Your firm’s professionalism and courtesy is outstanding! ... I am extremely satisfied and would recommend your firm to others without a doubt or hesitation.